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(Current as of December 2010)
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PhD Student (ABD), Columbia University 1975-1980 (MA, 1977). Mathematics. 
      Studied Teichmuller Space & Kleinian groups under Prof. Lipman Bers.
BA, Hunter College of the City University of New York 1975. Mathematics.
Leeds University (Houldsworth School of Applied Sciences) 1967-8. Ceramics.


Adjunct Assistant Professor, Applied Information Technology,
Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering,
George Mason University,
4400 University Drive, Fairfax, VA

Courses taught: IT103, Introduction to Computers; IT343/IT443, IT Resource Planning
Adjunct Lecturer, Hunter College of the City University of New York,
695 Park Ave., New York, NY.

Courses taught: MATH150, Calculus I; MATH155, Calculus II; MATH260, Linear Algebra.


From 1999-2004 as Chief Engineer, DARPA-DISA Advanced IT Systems JPO (a Joint Program Office set up by DISA and DARPA) I carried out research, typically under OSD-sponsored Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrations, in the application of information technology to military problems. I guided and vetted the preparation of ACTD proposals, I created partnerships with other military R&D organizations, I oversaw execution of ACTDs and I negotiated with managers of existing programs to transition successfully demonstrated technology into their programs.

Computer/Network Security

Over a sequence of three overlapping ACTDs--Automated Intrusion Detection Environment,Adaptive Network Intrusion Defense, Coalition Information Assurance Common Operational Picture--I investigated rolling up events into incidents, even when information is partly filtered, and automating reaction to them.


Through the annual Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (JWID) and follow-on ACTDs (e.g. C4I for the Coalition Warrior, Coalition Theater Logistics), I investigated making US and close allies' military networks interoperable. Under the Homeland Security C2 ACTD, I investigated interoperability issues between DoD systems and first responders.

Situational Awareness

Under numerous ACTDs I investigated merging intelligence, operational and logistics data, with special attention given to integrating video from drones.

Decision-focused Collaboration

Under the Commander in Chief for the Twenty-First Century ACTD, I investigated organizing collaboration tools around the decisions a staff must support, rather than around the typical building/meeting room metaphor.


Professional Experience:

Employer, 1980 to 2004: Defense Information Systems Agency
701 S. Courthouse Rd, Arlington, VA
May 1999 to 2004:
      Chief Engineer, DISA-DARPA Advanced IT Systems JPO.
See above. Specific ACTDs I have worked on building or transitioning:

Planning Tools:

  • Adaptive Courses of Action ACTD
  • Deployment Visualization Tool
  • Joint Logistics ACTD
  • Joint Theater Logistics ACTD
  • Coalition Theater Logistics ACTD
  • Agile Transportation for the Twenty-First Century ACTD

Situational Awareness Tools

  • Battlespace Awareness & Data Dissemination ACTD
  • Adaptive Battlespace Awareness ACTD
  • GridLock ACTD
  • Joint Blue Force Situational Awareness ACTD
  • C4I for the Coalition Warrior ACTD

Force Protection and Homeland Defense

  • Coalition Rear Area Security Operations Command and Control
  • Homeland Security Command and Control ACTD

Information Assurance Tools

  • Adaptive Network Intrusion Defense ACTD
  • Coalition Information Assurance Common Operational Picture ACTD

Collaborative and Decision Focussed Tools

  • Commander in Chief for the Twenty-First Century ACTD
  • Defense Collaboration Tool Suite

In addition, I was the System Engineer for the Joint Warfare Interoperability Demonstration (JWID) which showcases interoperability between US systems and those of its coalition partners.
From mid-2002 to mid 2004, I was dual-hatted as the Chief, Advanced Concepts and Technology Division within DISA.

July 1998 to April 1999:
      Chief Engineer, Electronic Commerce Applications.
Responsible for engineering support to two major application systems: I planned and budgeted the technical program for these applications and directed the day to day execution of the various engineering tasks necessary to support them.
January 1994 to July 1998.
      Chief, General Applications Division.
Ran an applications systems support division. Delivered and supported application systems.
Products have included: I supervised several branch chiefs who in turn supervised the software engineers who carried out the tasks necessary to delivering and supporting these products. I planned and budgeted the technical program of my organization, negotiating support agreements where necessary, and oversaw its execution, conducting periodic reviews to assess progress and resolve issues. I established performance measures and set up Configuration Management and Software Quality Assurance groups to help ensure process improvement across the suborganizations, with the intent that my organization achieve level 2 (repeatable processes) on the Capability Maturity Model.
January 1993 to January 1994
      Special Assistant to the Chief, General Applications Division
Prepared to take over the Division. Primarily responsible for customer liaison and internal process improvement. Negotiated MOUs. Sat on the Process Improvement Steering group for the Center. Steered contract actions through the DISA bureaucracy.
November 1985 to January 1993
      Chief, Information Systems Branch to April 1987, then Chief, Data Communications Branch
Ran, in succession, two branches. Over the period, I managed the development, maintenance and field support of eleven different software systems, all to do either with computer graphics or with networking. I managed preparation for PMRT for two WWMCS Information System (WIS) applications: the Software Development and Maintenance Environment (SDME) and the Automated Message Handling System (AMHS). I managed the equivalent portions of the WAM program (the successor to WIS and predecessor to GCCS). I provided the evaluation of the WIS products directed by the Defense Acquisition Board. I initiated O&M support for the ADP system supporting the Crisis Management Room, the Current Situation Room and the Chairman s Conference Room in the NMCC. I developed the query engine for The Joint Deployment System.
August 1985 to November 1985
      Senior ADP Analyst
Staff position supporting the Director, JDSSC with scientific and technical advice.
September 1980 to August 1985
      Mathematician and Programmer
Wrote portions of a data retrieval language compiler in Jovial. Wrote portions of a network front end in Assembler. Analyzed retargeting an Ada compiler.

Other Employment

Lerner Shops, 460 W. 33rd St, New York NY (1970-1973). Sr. Distributor, then Assistant Department Head. Merchandized about 130 stores with Misses and Half-size dresses.
W. Hargreaves & Co. Park Row, Leeds, England (1969-1970) Clerk. Performed multiple back office functions in an English provincial stockbroker's office.