Izzy here, with my fanfic, "Crawl on Me, Sink into Me," a random piece of Bells Hells Ashton/Laudna smut I am writing to calm my nerves after watching episode 20 end on that cliffhanger. My deepest respects to Marisha and Taliesin.

Crawl on Me, Sink into Me

By Izzy

Laudna had tried to hold on to her memories of sex for a long time. She certainly still remembers that she had it before she died, with Henry in the back of a barn once, and with another boy whose name she can no longer remember off in the woods another time. She also remembers she enjoyed it quite a lot. Unfortunately, another thing she remembers is that neither boy fucked her for her; they'd both just really wanted to get laid. So had she, to be honest. She forgot their faces a long time ago, and never cared about that.

Alas, she eventually couldn't remember what it felt like anymore. And up until very, very recently, it didn't look like she'd ever get to have it again. For most of the years since, she couldn't even get near anyone without them making their repulsion pretty clear. It was enough of a miracle she found Imogen, with whom she can go around and sit and cuddle and even snuggle up when they sleep, and while the possibility of having sex with her has crossed Laudna's mind, maybe, what they have is far too important to risk for that.

There was, of course, Fearne's comment that she would make her way through all of them. But Laudna's not sure if she wants to sleep with someone with that kind of attitude. Also, it's unlikely Fearne can do that anyway, since she's pretty sure Orym doesn't fuck women. She's not sure if Fresh Cut Grass even fucks anyone at all. Meanwhile Dorian didn't stay, and Chetney still seems to be a bit put off by her looks, trying as he may be to be her friend anyway.

But there's Ashton. Whom she found attractive from the start. Who, far from being repulsed, actually likes how she looks. Who told her as they made their way up to their currently empty room at the inn that if she seriously hadn't run into anyone who wanted to fuck her since her death, she clearly hasn't been around nearly enough people. "However you look," they commented, "there's always someone who wants to fuck you. That's just a universal law about everywhere and everyone in existence."

Who is currently kneeling over her on the bed, looking at her naked body, the old, dead flesh even Laudna doesn't like to look at too much, with unabashed lust. He's not the only one. Laudna's eyes are traveling along his own nude form, following the rivulets of gold as they wander down hard green flesh, the way his legs are flexing just a little, and she's hotter down there than she's been in years.

"Are you going to pounce on me?" She nearly giggles. "Have your wicked way with me?"

"I'm a bit worried if I did that, I could injure you." Ashton's voice has turned wonderfully thick; Laudna wants to drink it. "We're going to have to go slow at first."

She's not quite sure how she feels about that. It makes sense, she supposes, especially since and her body can be a little brittle at times. But she was so looking forward to being ravaged.

Even with their words, the next moment is a surprise. Very gently, the careful touch a contrast to the rapid pants that is his breathing, Ashton cups her face, brings their own slowly down, and softly kisses her. It sends delicate shivers running through Laudna, and when his tongue slides between their mouths and fills hers, a blunt, wet, heavy thing that is so, so hot against her own, she outright moans.

They do press her into the bed then, kissing her a second time, a third, tongue plunging deep. Laudna loves it, the weight of him on top of her, the blazing heat, the roughness of his skin, something hers has no trouble feeling, the way they do things with their kissing noone she kissed while still alive knew how to do. Also that hot, hard dick pressing against her leg, so nice and promising.

"Oh, I am going to enjoy this," he murmurs to her, before descending to suck and lick at her neck. "Marks okay? Can you get them?"

"No idea. Let's find out?" And it gets another moan out of her when Ashton sucks harder, the pressure wonderful. She does hope she gets a hickey.

They're actually moaning too, pleased, hungry noises as proceeds to do the same on her collarbone, before reaching her breasts and oh, she didn't even realize they could feel that good anymore. And her reaction to that seems to drive him into a bit of a frenzy, tongue and teeth all over her chest and there's even pain in there but Laudna doesn't care, her cries filling the room as her body arches and writhes on the bed.

And then his fingers find her cunt, which takes a while to get wet, but it's well on its way already. Enough so they can get two of them in easily enough, and Laudna shoves herself down without even thinking about, the want in her body suddenly overwhelming.

But Ashton pulls their head up, saying, "I think you need to be a little looser to take me. Mind if I go down on you first?'

"Mind?" Laudna gasps, incredulous. She would've loved if either Henry or the other boy had gone down on her, but of course they couldn't be bothered. "Please do it!"

His fingers are still pressing deeper into her cunt, and when his tongue finds her clit, Laudna is just gone. There's nothing now in her world but pleasure and heat and the need for more, and it's not long at all before she's coming. She thinks she shrieks, but everything kind of goes floaty or a second or so.

Except then she's jarred out of it when she hears a very different groan from Ashton, and she pulls herself up to see them clutching their left arm. "Are you all right?" she asks, alarmed.

"Yeah," they grunt. "Dammit, I should be able to at least finger a woman without making my shoulder hurt. Would you mind being on top if you want to..." Then his eyes fall on her, and he suddenly drifts off, looking awed, before breathing, "You are magnificent."

It's then that Laudna realizes she took her Form of Dread in her excitement. That's never happened because of an orgasm before, but this did feel a bit more intense than what she's done to herself in the past. Maybe more than a bit.

It's never had this kind of effect on someone before, not even Ashton when the group's been in a fight, but he has his own thing there, of course. Now, however, they reach out and run their right hand down her straggled, oily hair with the kind of reverence Laudna might have dreamed of a boy treating her with once, so long ago.

That's not what she wants right now, though. "On your back?" she suggests, going for the big scary smile.

He grins back as he lies down on the bed, saying, "Don't touch my head, though. I think it would hurt if you did that right now." Which makes her feel a little sorry, because she wouldn't have minded kissing them again.

She still gets her hands all over his chest, still loving the feel of his stony skin, perfectly safe even for her claws. She lays a few kisses to the gold streaks in their side, hearing them chuckle as she does so. She even presses her face to those thighs, because those deserve to be truly felt.

Her Form of Dread is gone by the time she lifts herself up fully onto him, but he still has his eyes fixed on her, and his right arm runs itself up and down her body, before clutching and pressing hard into her skin when she finally sinks down onto that deliciously hard dick.

"Oh." Their eyes flutter as they arch up into her further. "Fuck, that feels so good."

"It does," Laudna agrees. It takes her a moment to coordinate herself, lifting herself back up and then lowering herself back down, and then they manage to move with her, piercing her so deep it gets a delighted cry out of her.

Then they're both going for it, Ashton moaning along with her with every thrust, both of them driving each other further with their sounds of pleasure. Laudna vaguely recalls being unimpressed with what either Henry or the boy in the woods especially had looked like while fucking her, and she supposes Ashton doesn't look all that different. But something about the way his mouth hangs open and the sounds coming out of it, the way his left fist is gripping the sheets while his right hand grips her, the arch of his neck in the candlelight, it all does things to her, takes her, ignites her, leaves her both fulfilled and wanting more.

"Laudna," he groans, and underneath her legs she can feel his always stiff body somehow drawing up further. "I can't...." His right hand fumbles downward; he probably wants to get her off again. Laudna finds herself wishing that was possible, but she's very certain it's not.

"Just come," she tells them. "Let me see you. I want to see you," because she does, and much, much more than she even thought she would only moments before.

So they do, and she enjoys every second of their face scrunching up, the visible part of their brain possibly showing sparks, their body rolling against hers as she presses their chests together, even their hand nearly crushing her hip.

Remembering what they said about touching their head, Laudna slides down as she collapses, resting her head on their chest instead. "That was wonderful," she sighs. "Thank you so much."

"Oh believe me, I enjoyed it as much as you did." His arms reach up and settle on her back. "I suppose we should go downstairs, or at least get dressed, but I really don't want to move right now."

"Would it hurt to?" They seem pretty relaxed now, but maybe the pain would resume if they moved.

"No more than usual. And I am still a little hungry. Although on the other hand, once we go down there, you know we're going to get the full interrogation from Fresh Cut Grass, and I'm not sure I wouldn't rather have that in private."

They were probably lucky to even get up here without getting that, really. After all, they had pretty much propositioned each other in front of everyone. Imogen even patted Laudna's arm and smiled at her as she got up; she has some idea of how much Laudna's wanted this with someone, even if it's just sex.

And as she lies there, feeling safe and cared for the way she's mostly only felt with Imogen, maybe a little with the others, Laudna becomes aware that it wasn't just sex. She's had just sex, and she still remembers enough to know this wasn't like that. She may not be in love with Ashton, or they in love with her, but this was still something more than that. It's very strange, she supposes, or maybe just something unknown to her.

Well, she thinks to herself, maybe if they did this a few more times, she'd be able to figure out what it is exactly. Also, she really would like to do this again anyway.

So she asks, "Do you suppose we could do it again? I mean, we both enjoyed it, didn't we?"

"Oh, I am all for doing this again," he tells her. "Well, not tonight, because I'm afraid I really can only do this once before needing to sleep, but...yeah."

More warmth floods Laudna, the kind that she thinks will stay in her all night, even if they do decide to get up and go face their friends downstairs, and thus stop lying here together. "Good."