Clue:A Mystery
By Izzy
To the tune of "Building a Mystery" by Sarah McLaughlin

White:Mustard fights duels
Peacock:Miss Scarlet's such a flirt
Green:And the old maid Mrs. White
Plum:And the greedy Mr. Green
Scarlet:Plum forgets everything with his old professor's brains
Mustard:And Peacock to whom manners are just everything
Guests:We're building a mystery

Plum:We visit this house
Where always spend the weekends
Scarlet:And we won't give up the search
For our host's valuables
Green:We stab each other in back whenever he's away
Mustard:He can't walk out just one room without a weapon getting in the way
White:We will make you laugh and then we'll steal a couple thous
Peacock:So be careful when we're in your house

Guest:Cause we're stealing, so comes the mystery
Think a lot, and you'll know whodunit
Then we're killing, so comes more mystery
Of who killed Mr. Boddy.
Boddy:You guys are a mystery
There was another verse, but it got lost. If I ever find it, I'll put it up here