This show is the best thing to come out of the MCU so far, honestly, and I am madly in love with the three main characters. I'm not even sure how much I'm going to write about it, but I should for a bit.

As Iron Sharpens Iron
When the Righteous Give Way(adult content)
Sustinuit Anima Mea
From May to September(mild adult content)
All Great Neptune's Oceans(adult content)
When Fitz has a bad reaction to finding out about Jemma's attempt to kill Ward, she flees the Playground, and ends up in Hell's Kitchen, where a chance encounter changes her life.

Foggy. Foggy. Foggy.
Written for the Daredevil kink meme prompt: "OK, but the first time Foggy calls Matt after their big drama in Nelson V Murdock, and Matt hears his phone ring 'Foggy. Foggy. Foggy.'"

Still Shaking
Foggy/Karen. When Karen tells her secrets. Adult.

Improvised Rescue Mission
All the big Stark parties they'd been too had had crazy things happen at them, but this was the most bizarre turn of events yet.

Set it Free, Let the Truth Breathe
Matt/Foggy/Karen. For the Daredevil kink meme prompt: "Spontaneous tears during consensual sex, especially if they're from emotion." Adult.

My Season for Battle Wounds
For the Daredevil kink meme prompt: "I don't think anyone's prompted this yet, but I want something based off of the lyrics and the video of Taylor Swift's new song, Bad Blood, centering on the women of Daredevil.

Foggy's head just after his reconciliation with Matt, Inside Out style.

Frances Penelope Nelson, Vigilante Specialist
Prescription Strength(adult content)
From One Unwelcome Visitor(mild adult content)
Habeas for Superheroes
Part 1: Next Friends
Part 2: Night, Day, and Night
When Foggy started at Columbia, she was roomed with a future Avenger. But it was her roommate's brother's roommate who really changed her life.

Matt/Foggy/Karen. For the Daredevil kink meme prompt: Matt is amazing at oral and loves it. Adult.

The Kill List
Five people who Hydra targeted for death via Project Insight, and one person they didn't.

The Other Two
Matt/Foggy/Karen. Matt was a beta born with two dead littermates, of an omega father whose alpha abandoned him shortly after. Mild adult content.

Until I Can't Breathe
Matt/Foggy. Sometimes Foggy doesn't wait until morning to show. Adult.

We Looked Like Giants
Matt/Daisy. The first deadly sin Matt has succumbed to is lust. Adult.

We Come Back Every Time
And When We Go Crashing Down
Watch Us Go Round and Round Each Time
End in Burning Flames or Paradise
Matt/Foggy/Karen. Even when they're angry, they can't let each other go. Adult.

Agent Murdock
Part 1: The Fall of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Part 2: The Dealing with of Secrets
Part 3: Their Own Odyssey
Part 4: Farewell to DC (adult content)
Part 5: Situation Assessment
Part 6: Friday Night, Avoid the Lights
Instead of Stick, Matt is found by S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Second Time
Matt/Foggy/Karen, for the Daredevil kink meme prompt: Karen is forced to kill someone for Matt and Foggy. Adult.

They Never Were Ladies
Written for the Daredevil kink meme prompt: Maria was the member of the Castle family to survive the shootout and become the Punisher.

The One You're With
Foggy/Karen. Post Season 2, living without Matt isn't easy, but at least they have each other.

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