Something Rotten

It was something Anakin mentioned offhand, about Palpatine getting new override powers, that first sounded the alarm in Obi-Wan's head. Without knowing entirely why, he'd never quite liked the Chancellor, and Obi-Wan now thought that he was getting too powerful.

But Anakin would not hear such doubts easily, and Obi-Wan's were vague. So instead, he found himself talking to Mace. "They say in the worst wars, the most devestating blows are not dealt by the enemy of any one group, but by the group to itself."

To which Mace said, "I agree. Something is rotten in the state of Coruscant."


The Mustafar Mine Owner's Complaint

They say any time a Jedi ignites a laser sword in your area, you can say goodbye to your walls and ceilings. But did those two have to set the volcano off?

We lost a whole rig thanks to them. Countless droids burnt up, and a lot of profits lost, and money spent in repairs. Though the first Jedi only left a few frayed wires and annoying dead bodies. But then a second had to come along. One of them's bad enough, but when there's's a wonder anything was left standing.

I won't miss that Order. No sir.