Concentration Exercise

Given how Obi-Wan had longed for this, he was doing well. His Master's hand was on his penis, doing interesting things to it, but as instructed, he was focused on the Force, keeping his awareness of it predominant...mostly...

"Must make this more difficult, I see." The hand was gone. Obi-Wan forced himself not to react. He was focused on the Force...

Then Qui-Gon had him in his throat, relentlessly sucking, hot and wet...Obi-Wan's concentration broke.

Seconds later, he moaned softly as he slipped from Qui-Gon's mouth.

"Oh dear. I think we're going to have to try that again."



Lust was not exactly of the Dark Side, but of all the emotions of the grey area, it ran by far the closest.

It disturbed Qui-Gon sometimes when he touched Obi-Wan: the greed he felt, the insatiability. On Obi-Wan's account more than on his own, for he suffered the same from lust. Many years of experience allowed Qui-Gon to deal with the danger, but he could not escape the fact that he was exposing his apprentice to it.

What allowed him to continue on was the knowledge that Obi-Wan knew what they risked, and was brave enough to face it.