Killing Villians Off
By Izzy
To the tune of "Burning Down the House" by Talking Heads

Watch out
You might get what you’re after
Deep Space 9
A lot of fans prefer them
See if the writers care 'bout that!
Killing villains off!

Hold tight wait till the finale’s over
Hold tight we’re in for lots of murder
They can't leave one still standing up
Killing villains off!

Damar is not one any more, but he still gets shot at the door
Redemption couldn't save him
Weyoun could just be recloned, or so his fans always assumed
But he ran out of copies!

Taken care of the Dominion
What's left?
An evil plot Bajoran
Off to the fire caves for the rest
Killing villains off!

Winn repents but her last act will cause her to evaporate
She died in a good way
That leaves Dukat, the worst of all as far as Sisko is concerned,
He dissolves into flames

That's done
Now we can do the flashbacks
That's right
The Pah-wraiths safely sealed off
Sisko in the wormhole could return?
Killing villians off!

Sloan didn't make it through the arc and Tain was gone two years ago
Don't know what awaits the Foundress
So that's what you can expect starring into your tv set
Villains down in the fire