The Song of Ezri Dax
By Izzy
To the tune of "Stay-I Miss You" by Lisa Lobe

She said
That she was so sorry...

And she said
The baby would be
So beautiful...

And she died and the symbiont went
And went where it didn't belong
And now that I have got it
Now I know that I did something wrong

Cause I'm mixed up
Yeah I'm so mixed up

She said
That she was so sorry
She couldn't be enough
To make up what's she's done to me
And what they think all of them when they see me,
They don't understand, they don't really care
They only see Jadzia here oh oh oh bad

And so I
I went and visited Earth
I went to visit Sisko
But he seemed to sing the same song
Jadzia's there just another host of Dax
Dax is just the same, and Ezri's not a thing.
Sometimes I simply started weeping for Jadzia
When she died at the prime of her life well
But I think that I'm simply not so strong

And though Jadzia'll live forever
'Lil Ezri's not so sure
I used to think that I was clever
But that won't help me anymore
On anywhere
With this

They said that I was naive and
I thought that I was strong and
I thought hey I can take this, I can take this
But now I think that I was wrong

Cause I'm mixed up
Yeah so mixed up

You see I took it cause I had too
On the day it wouldn't go
I try to figure how to keep it
And manage cause I know
I cannot live without it

And they say, Stay...

And she said, that she was so sorry...