I didn't ship Fitzsimmons for the longest time, at least not romantically, though I always loved their bond. But eventually I gave in, if only because of a powerful need to see them both happy. Not that the writers seem willing to grant us that, but I'm holding out hope they'll be together and looking good to stay that way when the series ends.

Written as a reaction to the "Winning Friends and Influencing People" teaser, before the episode aired: how Simmons came to realize she'd do anything for Fitz.

Everything Can Wait But Now
Jemma, left alone after the events of "Afterlife." Adult.

Precious and Fragile Things
Written right after "Purpose in the Machine": After recovery, Jemma's got other things to be upset about. Mild adult content.

As We Roll Down This Unfamiliar Road
Back Where I Belong Now(adult content)
Next Daughter
Just before Hydra would've gone through the portal, Jemma commits an extreme act to stop them. Four days later, looking to rescue Thanos' latest adoptee, the Guardians of the Galaxy find themselves instead rescuing a pair of wayward Terrans.

Grabbed a Bucket
Fitz had thought he'd known what it was to be angry.

Lines That Tie
Working together again after "Bouncing Back."

Cut Loose
After "Emancipation." Fitz can sympathize with Daisy; he's been there himself.

The first morning in the Seychelles.

Branching Out
Two scientists in a bed. Adult.

Any Way You Frame It
Jemma just has to keep Aida distracted.

All We Have is This Very Moment
Coda to "The Return." Jemma needs to clear one thing up.

You're Not Defeated, You're in Repair
The first time, after they ended up on the spaceship, that Fitz was willing to talk.

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