This is a series of ficlets taking place after Infinity War, focusing on the surviving women, and how they cope with the mess, just as surviving women have done throughout history. I started writing after seeing Ant-Man and the Wasp, and hope to write at least one most weeks at least until the next Avengers movie comes out.

Jessica Jones, One Hour Later
Natasha Romanov, Two Hours Later
Claire Temple, Two and a Half Hours Later
Daisy Johnson, Three Hours Later
Queen Ramonda, Three and a Half Hours Later
Melissa Bowen, Four Hours Later
Medusalith Amaquelin, Five Hours Later
Leo Lieberman, Six Hours Later
Nebula, Seven Hours Later
High Priestess Ayesha, Eight Hours Later
Sharon Carter, Nine Hours Later
Pepper Potts, Ten Hours Later
Okoye, Twelve Hours Later
Ava Starr, Fifteen Hours Later
Christine Palmer, Sixteen Hours Later
Misty Knight, Twenty Hours Later
Shuri, One Day Later
Duranna Dey, Two Days Later

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