During Master and Commander. Mr. Marshall gets an explanation from Mr. Dillon.

Spanish Air
Jack and Stephen at the castle in Post-Captain. Adult Content.

Alternate Ending
Drabble for the mandc100 alternate challenge.

Journal Entry
After Jack averts the mutiny, Stephen takes stock of things.

I Had Known
Post-Captain poem. After Stephen is found out by Jack.

Drabble from early in HMS Surprise: things are now more as they usually are.

Sitting by Stephen's bedside near the end of HMS Surprise, Jack is brought to realize a few things. Mild adult content.

The Far-Flung Agent
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Crossover with "Jack of All Trades." In between Desolation Island and The Fortune of War, Jack and Stephen are sent on a mission where things take a turn for the bizarre.

Loyalty Fragments:Slumber, Two Masters, Camel-Wrestling
Three drabbles from Desolation Island, The Surgeon's Mate and Treason's Harbour respectively.

Getting Reacquainted With an Old Flame
Written for Cannon_fic. Jack finds kissing the gunner's daughter a lot more enjoyable then he used to. Adult content.

Letter of Marque drabble, my response to the 2004 presidental election.

On the Other Side of the Bulkhead
Right after the end of The Letter of Marque. Stephen's just got his wife back, he's newly off the laudanum, and they're in the cabin next to Jack' content.

The Chief's Concern
The Thirteen Gun Salute:Sir Joseph Blaine discusses a certain issue with Stephen.

The grounding of the Diane and the typhoon that wrecked her was in fact her captain and doctor's salvation. Mild adult content.

Fragments from late 1813:Daughters and Yellow Stephen
Two drabbles, from a trip around the globe and the voyage after.

A nighttime interlude from The Commodore. Adult content.

Fragments from The Yellow Admiral:Having Done That, Remember, Yellow Jack
Three drabbles taking place very close together.

Sunni Dey
Don't ask. Spoilers for The Hundred Days.

After Blue at the Mizzen, a long-awaited affirmation. Adult content.

The Lesson
A drunken confession leads to an improvement in Jack and Sophie's marital relations. Adult content.

Miss Maturin at Hogwarts School
Series of drabbles for the mandc100 crossover challenge.


The Very Secret Diary of Jack Aubrey
To be blamed on this.

Fragments:Alternate Universe, The Awakening, Interference, Perceptions, Anticipation
All my movieverse drabbles.


I Would
Poem. Jack knows Stephen hurts but is unable to see it.

Take Me
Poem. Stephen's plea to Jack.

Cookie written for girlfromsouth from Fan the Vote.

The Edge of the Doldrums
Written in honour of the Great Livejournal Blackout of January 2005.

Poem. Jack when Stephen works ashore.

Fragments:Checking, Etymology, Alternate Timeline, Rivalry
Drabbles which could take place in either the book or movieverse.

Young Wizards of 1800 and 1801
The first year at Hogwarts for six heroines, a few heroes, and a few more people from fiction written and/or set in the Regency Era.

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