Izzy here, with my fanfic, "One Last Thing," a short bit of K/7 from "Course:Oblivion." I intended to make it bigger, but Jamelia beat me to it. But I'll say right now, this was not inspired by her work. I had thought of it before I read her version. Paramount owns Harry and Seven and the Star Trek universe, I own this story.

One Last Thing

By Izzy

   Seven of Nine, tetriary adjunct of unimatrix 001. That was who she was. Or at least, that's who she had thought she was. But that was something only the real Seven of Nine would be allowed to think, and her clone made out of the demon liquid could no longer believe that story.

   She heard a voice behind her. "Seven?"

   It was Ensign Kim. He was now the only other member of the senior staff still alive. He and Seven had worked even closer then they usually did over the last few days since the captain had died. She was now starting to truly consider him a friend. She wondered if the real Seven was friends with him.

   He was speaking. "Is the time capsule ready?"

   "Yes, Harry, it is." She had picked up the capsule before she realized she had called him Harry.

   Harry summoned up his courage. He didn't know if there would be such a chance for the real Harry, but this was his last chance.

   "Seven," he said slowly, "we've been friends for a long time, and so have them," by them he meant the other Harry Kim and Seven of Nine.

   When he said this, she found herself thinking he might be right, even if she hadn't thought of it that way before. "Your point?" she asked.

   "Is ther room in the time capsule for a single recording?"


   "Then I've one to add." He activated a small recording device. "It will take a picture in 30 seconds. "

   "What do you intend to do?" she inquired nervously.

   "This" he replied, before pulling her to him and kissing her.

   Neither heard the recorder when it clicked, with both of them caught up in the heat of the kiss. They knew well it would be the only one they got.

   Harry did not attempt to make the kiss any more intense then it had started. He remembered kissing Seven in dreams before, and was willing to let her decide how far they went. He was surprised when she frantically kissed him back and pulled him closer.

   Seven had never experienced this. It was an extremely pleasurable sensation, possibly the best she had ever felt, and ever would feel. She explored it, knowing well Harry would let her.

   When they seperated over a mintue later, they were both breathless and positivly glowing. Suddenly Harry yelled "Quick, get the recorder before it melts!"

   With lightening speed, they grabbed the picture and transferred it into the capsule.

   "Goodbye, Harry," Seven said as he headed towards the Jefferies Tube.

   "Farewell, Seven," he said, and then he was gone.

   Picking up the capsule, Seven hurried to engineering.