Izzy here, with my fanfic, "Line on Line", which was originally written in response to an ASC challenge, but never got posted thanks to my computer's incompetence. I'm getting it replaced. K/7, no real time setting, sometime after the present. Paramount owns Harry and Seven, but this does have my Hydilians(finally got the chance to introduce them).

This story is dedicated to Trillseekr, who will be very much missed on ASC

Line on Line

By Izzy

"Then my uniform fell off, and they shot me dead."

The other holograms looked at each other. Harry would not want to be the Hydilian next to Seven. He had to continue the story from the line she had just delivered.

He had taken Seven to a recreation of a Hydilian fire, where often at night, everyone, young and old, would gather and tell a story together, building it up line on line. If someone couldn't think of the next line when it was his turn, he was out. The stories usually ended up becoming long-winded and stupid, but nobody really cared.

Seven had been getting the most people out with lines like the last one. But the one next her, a young man, said, "Then I came back to life."

The next person, an adolescent, dropped out, leaving Harry, Seven, the young man, and a middle-aged woman who said, "A beautiful being was staring down at me."

"She told me," said Harry, "that I was in the afterlife."

"I did not believe her," said Seven.

"She called up my dead brother," said the man.

The woman dropped out.

"I didn't believe it was my brother and said so." said Harry.

"She said I was right, and then I woke up from my coma." said Seven.

The man dropped out.

"Well," said Harry, "looks like it's just the two of us."

"I will win." said Seven with absolute certainty.

"Not if I have anything to say about it."

But neither of them would have anything to say about it, because at that point the computer beeped, *The time is 2200 hours. Your holodeck time has expired.*

"Too bad," commented Harry. "Computer, end program."

"Well," he said as the Hydilians then the fire vanished, "did you enjoy the evening?"

"I enjoyed the evening very much. And," she added with a twinkle in her eye, "I think you look very attractive in that outfit." Harry was wearing typical Hydilian male wear, which consisted of a tan shirt that left the middle of his chest bare, dark brown pants with an even darker belt, and light tan boots. Seven was also wearing these boots, and was in Hydilian female wear, which consisted of a white dress which hung from one shoulder, with the skirt hanging close to the knees.

Harry nearly blushed. Seven had a strange sense of humor. "I'll walk you to the cargo bay."

They had started along the corridor when Seven started, "Harry, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, Seven."

"I have noticed we have been spending more time together over the last few weeks. You have taken me to 17 different holodeck programs, we have shared approximatly 83% of our meals, we often accompany each other to social gatherings. I have started calling you by your personal name. According to everything I know, we are proceeding towards a romantic relationship. Do you think this?"

"Now that you mention it..." Harry had thought about it once or twice. He had thought himself over Seven, and just wanting to enjoy her company as a friend. But now she was becoming much more then that.

"So you think we will eventually copulate?"

Harry had the distinct feeling that if he said "Yes", they would copulate, and very soon. So he carefully said, "It's possible."

"I am pleased to hear that." she said, and resumed walking. For a few minutes they walked in silence. Harry tried once or twice to continue the conversation, but Seven suddenly seemed lost in thought. Then she abruptly said, "Harry?"


She took in a deep breath. "I believe," she said slowly, "that I have fallen in love with you."

Harry, having no idea what to say, did the next thing he could think of. He kissed her. Knowing it was her first kiss, he was gentle, but he could feel the heat building up.

They seperated, a look of wonder on Seven's face, and a glow on Harry's.

"It is like the story we told created in the holodeck simulation," noted Seven. "We have taken this line on line."

Harry agreed, pointing out, "Though noone knows for sure the meaning of Hydilian storytelling, most think it is symbolistic of life, its being written by everyone and everything, its continual twisting, and its never having a real end."

"And the story of the two of us," continued Seven, "is just a small part of it. The plot is advancing forward into romance."

"Let it advance," suggested Harry as they entered a turbolift. "Where to now?"

"Your quarters. I would be difficult to copulate in mine."

"Very well. Deck 4."

And the story went on.