And now, an excerpt from Part 3 of Manifest Period, tentatively titled "The Big Headline," currently in progress...

She only allowed herself ten minutes of lying on the bed afterwards rather than her usual twenty. It wasn’t as if she needed the ten really; the oil had always just been an excuse to not do everything right after she got up, a habit she had been able to afford here, but wouldn’t want to have there. Besides, she wasn’t sure she could stand being still for that long with that female’s voice blazing in her ear.

Still, the information she told her was useful. This early, and a lot of the news was planetary, so she got alerted to some delays in various areas in the public transit system(although this was not truly news) as well as some activism not far from where she’d been living, protesting the construction of some large building because it would make life difficult for those living on the levels below it. The announcer approved of those people, and Yott didn’t disagree with her, but thought she praised them a bit much for a news announcer.

She was just about to get up when she heard, “Finally, the latest developments in the Cyrillia story. It has been about two hours since the activist group Truth for the Slice published a collection of messages from the executive office of Tapos Securities, and here at Anjur Studios we’ve had time to look through them, as have plenty of people all over the planet, and we’re ready to have a discussion with two of them.”