From July 23, 2004 to August 5, 2007 I was the official mun for Dr. Stephen Maturin at the livejournal community Theatrical Muse, where each week he was given a prompt to answer. Though originally I shared writing duties with another author, she dropped out and left me his sole writer for over two and a half years, until I decided in the light of Boldthrough 2007 to prepare for my departure from livejournal, and retired the muse. Those entries of his that I think worth reading I have archived here, along with significant roleplay interaction with other characters.

July-October 2004
November-December 2004
January-February 2005
March-April 2005
May-July 2005
August-October 2005
November 2005-January 2006
February-April 2006
May-September 2006
Special: A Night at the Tammies
October 2006-July 2007

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