Though this was another pair I initially resisted shipping romantically, from the moment I started writing Daredevil it was all about the feels for these two. Hey, when it's canon that they care for each other *this* much, what can you do?

Foggy. Foggy. Foggy.
Written for the Daredevil kink meme prompt: "OK, but the first time Foggy calls Matt after their big drama in Nelson V Murdock, and Matt hears his phone ring 'Foggy. Foggy. Foggy.'"

Improvised Rescue Mission
All the big Stark parties they'd been too had had crazy things happen at them, but this was the most bizarre turn of events yet.

Foggy's head just after his reconciliation with Matt, Inside Out style.

Frances Penelope Nelson, Vigilante Specialist
Prescription Strength(adult content)
From One Unwelcome Visitor(mild adult content)
Habeas for Superheroes
Part 1: Next Friends
Part 2: Night, Day, and Night
Part 3: Day One
Part 4: Night Two
Part 5: The Superhero WAG Support Group
Part 6: Attention Gotten
Part 7: A Meeting with the Clients
Part 8: The Counterattack
Part 9: Other Attacks
Part 10: An Inquiry Involving the Punisher
Part 11: Finding Micro
When Foggy started at Columbia, she was roomed with a future Avenger. But it was her roommate's brother's roommate who really changed her life.

Until I Can't Breathe
Inspired by the second half of the Season 2 trailer. Sometimes Foggy doesn't wait until morning to show. Adult.

What a Lovely Way to Burn
For a Dardevil kink meme prompt: Foggy fucking a feverish Matt. Adult, obviously.

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