The Twelve Days of Christmas-Harry Potter Style

Fredrick Weasley and George Weasley
Another filk, this time to "Mongojerrie and Rumpleteazer" from Cats.

To Do Something
Drabble, Roger and Cho after the Third Task.

The Duel
An inevitable rule of filking: if you attempt to take one Britney Spears filk down from your website, your muse will promptly force you to write another.

Second Step
My contribution to the Crouch,jr/Sinastra ship.

A Moody/Tonks, which is rated a definite R.

Two Wild Events
For an Arthur/Molly challenge. Arthur and Molly in 1960 and 1975.

A Youthful Indiscretion
Albus/Aberforth slash for a Thunderstorm challenge(the pairing wasn't my idea!)

An Account of the Lives of the Weyard Sisters, and Fian Ollivander's Three Most Remarkable Descendants, by Hermione Granger
Author's Note and Acknowledgements
Chapter 1: The Birth and Early Lives of the Weyard Sisters
Chapter 2: The Weyards' Early Years at Hogwarts
Chapter 3: The Meeting With the Muggle King of Moray, and Its Initial Consequences
Chapter 4: The Marriages of Cian and Fian
Chapter 5: The Marriages of Nian and Dian
An account of the lives of some wizarding figures of the high and late Middle Ages.

New York State Wizarding School
Part 1: The Transfer Student
Part 2: Seven Classes a Day
Part 3: Saturday Planning
Part 4: Dumbledore's Army, North American Auxiliary
Part 5: Ernie's Letter
After the death of her mother, Hannah Abbott transfers to a school closer to home.

Young Wizards of 1800 and 1801
The first year at Hogwarts for six heroines, a few heroes, and a few more people from fiction written and/or set in the Regency Era.

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