Izzy here, with my fanfic, "Mid-Wandering Eve", a J/J piece written in response to the Hot Summer Night challenge. This ignores Worf's existence and Jadzia's death, and takes place after the series has ended. Paramount still owns Jadzia and Julian, alas, but I own this thingy here.

Mid-Wandering Eve

By Izzy

It was the Middle of Wandering on Bajor, which in its northern hemisphere was also the hottest night of the year.

From atop a terrace, Jadzia Dax watched, clad in an elegant Japanese kimono. She had just gotten it, and loved it, but right now she was considering taking it off. It was starting to get unbearably hot, even with the large fan she had bought with it. Down below, the celebration was in full swing, and in an hour or so she would change into something lighter and go down to the streets to join in. But she just didn't feel like walking yet.

"Isn't it hot to be wearing a kimono?" came a voice. Jadzia turned as Julian Bashir joined her on the terrace. He was wearing his uniform, minus the jacket.

"A little," Jadzia admitted. "How are talks going?"

"Not very well. It probably won't be long until the Romulans are our enemies once again."

"Well, I never liked them very much anyway," she sighed, not wanting to think of unpleasant things when the night was so beautiful. "We all saw the breakdown coming." She tried also not to think of that discussion she'd had with Ben, her fears of what had truly happened to that unfortunate Romulan Senator.

A trickle of sweat ran down her brow. "Maybe I should take this thing off. Are you headed down to the streets?"

"Not yet. I'll get us some ice water." He walked back inside.

Ice water wouldn't be enough. She simply was too hot. Pulling off the sash, Jadzia wiggled about until the kimono fell from her body, and stepped out of the garment. When Julian returned with two glasses of water with plenty of ice, she was only wearing a white slip.

Taking the glass from Julian, she took a sip, then decided on a better use for the glass, and dunked it over her body. "Ahhhh," she murmered as she continued to fan herself, "thanks for the water."

She noticed Julian was staring, and looking down, realized the slip was clinging to her body, but right now she didn't care. "No need to stare," she told him, laughter creeping into her voice. "Nothing you haven't seen before, right?"

"Guess so," he conceded, but he looked away, down on the crowd. "Maybe I should go join them." He turned to go.

"Don't feel you have to go because of me." She grabbed his hand and pulled him back to her.

He turned and faced her. For a moment she was sure he was going to kiss her. Then he nodded and gently pulled away from her grip, and the moment was past. Which only left her certain she hadn't wanted it to pass. She wanted another.

"You're tense," she observed. "You need to relax before you go down there."

"I'll take something-" he started, but she interrupted, "Actually, I've got a better idea."

"What's that?"

Stepping over to him, she pulled off his shirt and tank top. "Lie down. I'm going to give you a massage." This was the perfect opportunity, really. Most of the time Jadzia couldn't massage anyone who wasn't a fellow Trill without them having trouble with her hands being so cold. But with the night so hot, she had the feeling this was going to work out fine.

She laid her kimono out and at her nod, he lay down on it on his stomach. Placing her cold hands on his warm skin, she slowly began to rub.

Julian moaned. "Like it?" she asked.

"Mmmmmmm yes, it's wonderful, like refreshing ice-oh!" She moved further down his back, getting more sounds out of him that made her wonder if she was really cooling him off that much.

It wasn't making her feel any cooler, that was for sure. She might need more ice water when this was over. Dunk herself in it again.

Eventually her hands had moved down and back up, and she found herself kneeling down over him, her face inches from his shoulderblade. Dipping her head, she gently pressed her lips on his sweaty skin.

His head turned to look at her with surprise. The surprise turned into astonishment as she dipped her head further down to plant a kiss on his lips. No dismay though.

When she broke off the kiss and pulled herself up, he commented, "We should get all this stuff off the terrace."

Jadzia nodded. Grabbing the kimono, shirt and tank top, all of which would need a lot of washing, she walked over to the door that led to the adjoining room and tossed them in while he returned the glasses to the replicator. She picked up the fan too as she went back inside, beckoning him after her.

When he was within arms range, on impulse she yanked him to her, a result of which they both toppled to the floor, where for several moments they just lay. He was looking absolutely thrilled, and as if he couldn't believe this was finally happening, and was too overwhelemed to actually respond. She had to pull him down for a long, deep kiss. She really had to.

"We can't go down to the celebration like this," he said when he pulled away, absolutely breathless.

"That's okay. I don't want to anymore." It didn't feel like he did either.