(With apologies to Cassandra Claire and Marvel.)

The Very Secret Diary of Rogue

Day 1
Kissed David today. I know teenage boys can get nervous about kissing, but I didn't realize they broke out this much!

Day 2
David trying to avoid me by being in a coma? Starting to hate teenage boys.

Day 3
Oh, now his idiot friends are blaming me! I'm going to run away to Canada.

Day 5
In Canada. Stopped off at a bar and saw a manly hunk of a mutant. Makes me wish I could touch people. Going to stow away and see if I can pull off "delightful surprise in the trunk act." Unfortunatly too cold for skimpy outfit.

Day 6
Messed up timing on trunk act; he came into too soon. Then beastly hunk of a mutant tried to kill us. Rethinking association with manly hunk.

Day 7
Rescued by a manly not-so-much-of-a-hunk, who has a girl. So after deciding to go the jailbait route, so far I've run into a target, a monster, and a guy who's taken, and I couldn't even touch any of them. Things not going the way I planned.

Day 8
Have to go to school again. Hate school. Too many teenage boys. One of them's hitting on me. Can't find Logan.

Day 9
Now I hear Logan's taken with Jean! Scott will kill him if he tries anything.

Day 10
Decided to visit Logan and show him I'm much prettier then Jean. Think he's not used to woman coming on to him, though. Idiot sliced me through, giving me the perfect excuse to touch him to heal myself. Go me!

Day 11
Bobby jealous. Idiot boy. Fear he's telling everyone bad things about me because I rejected him. Cannot cope. Off to the train station.

Day 12
Wow, Logan actually followed me! But he didn't hit on me. Not sure if this is good thing or bad thing. But then this old man butted in, and he's taken me somewhere. Though knowing my luck, he'll probably be gay.

Day 13
Not quite sure how far on the jailbait route I'd go, but old man definitely is out, as he intends to kill me! And assistant is waving tongue at me suggestively. Can things get any worse?

Day 14
Actually, old man rather handsome. And not afraid to touch me either. Too bad he wants to kill me.

Day 15
Drat! Logan held me really close while I was passed out and couldn't enjoy it. And now I'm back at the school, he's leaving, and Bobby's hitting on me again. Yes, things could get worse.