Bibliography for Vittoria Colonna

The reader will here find a list of only those previous editions of Vittoria Colonna's poetry I have used and cited and are major or historically significant because these provided the copy text for my translation or influenced a translation. He or she will also find a select list from the many anthologies that contain scattered poems by Vittoria Colonna; those I have listed influenced my thinking and translations. I have also listed all those editions of her letters and significant documents I have had access to, and all previous translators of Vittoria Colonna's poetry. All these translations I cited individually under the poem by Colonna which was turned into English or French so as to allow the interested reader to return to another translation to compare mine to all previous English and French translations. I offer a selection of contemporary poetry besides that of Michelangelo which was dedicated to and written under the direct influence of Colonna or influenced her. Finally, I provide a selected bibliography of further significant and helpful scholarship on Vittoria Colonna and her era.

Editions of Colonna's Poetry and Letters

On Colonna's Letters

Further Texts and Translations of Colonna's Poetry

Further Scholarship and Related Books

Works by Related Contemporary Poets

Anthologies which contain poetry by Colonna

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