The CyberPen

I like cyberpets. So I've started adopting them. My adoptables reside here after a short time on the main page. You can click them to get your own.

Birchpine:"Ha ha! I'm the oldest on the page!"
Honeysuckle:"Now, now, father, don't be silly."

Scarlett:"Are you a widow?"
Note: It seems Scarlett's place of origin has vanished!

Kirot:"Awk! What happened to me?"


Star-on-the-snow:**quails in fright from Kirot**

Lillian:"Here, unicorn, unicorn, unicorn, unicorn..."

Dark Baby C:"Oh, goodness, leave her alone!"
Note: His place of origin seems likewise lost.

James:"Yeah, you're frightening Neville!"
Neville:"I want to go back to Astronomy Domine!"
(Which, unfortuneatly, has been closed) :-(

Adopt a Dragon Foundation

Larry:"Never fear, I will lead you there! Hut, two, three, four, keep it up, two, three four!"


Phil:"That's right, kitty, just stay over there..."

Kate:"Did you know you're quite ugly?"


Clarimonde:*sings*"Wake up, mermaid, wake up! Wake up, mermaid, wake up! Wake up, mermaid..."

Pretty Egg: ...
Note: Another page gone, unfortunatly.

Chrissie:"Can we sleep?"
Annabel:"I don't know, it's pretty noisy on this page..."

Marlene:"Well don't blame me, I would be quiet..."

Perdita:"We do seem to be on the quiet end of the page."


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