No, I am not providing an explanation on why there is a Pikachu on top of my page. It's been there a long time.

Hi! Welcome to my page. I write a lot. My fandoms have included Star Trek, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I've spent time in many others besides those. I mostly write romance, but you may find a thing or two that isn't.
I'm a bit crazy, look at my journal if you don't believe me.

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This is Bethany Bird. One would wish she isn't quite so shy. Click on her to get your own, or view the others in my Cyber Pen.

Important Notes

I use a lot of characters that are owned by various people. I don't mean any infringment or anything else bad. Really.
Anyone who wants to podfic or otherwise make use of any of my works in their own, go ahead. Just notify me and credit.


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