This is supposed to be a saga made up of many multi-parters. But really, I suck at finishing multi-parters, so it's the unfinished first multi-parter surrounded by fics written for challenge livejournal communities.

Sharpshooter, Handmaiden, Doctor, Rebel
50 sentences from the life of Yané Carinda.

Their Duties to the Queen
Part 1: Time and Place for Fighting
Part 2: A Mystery or Two
Part 3: In the Swamp or Out of It
Part 4: Powder Grenades
Part 5: As it Must Crash
Part 6: A Search for Shelter
Part 7: The Morning in the Middle
Part 8: The Survivors of Julika
Part 9: The Tower
Part 10: A Pair of Visitors
Part 11: The Resistance Movement
Part 12: Parting Ways
Part 13: Two Refugee Groups
What Saché, Yané, and eight others did when their planet was invaded and their Queen fled with her top handmaidens.

The Five
Last Night on Naboo(adult content)
The End of a Limbo
To Never Regret
One Month Only
Of the many people that Ellé loved in her life, there were five who impacted her the most.

The Weapon-Maker's Daughter
Yané flashfic, written for a 30th Anniversary Flash-Fic-A-Thon.

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