When I first watched the X-Men movie, having never been exposed to X-Men prior to this, I actually went Logan/Jean. But somewhere between that and the second movie, I changed my mind.(It was probably the Statue of Liberty. The scene, the music, the all-together impact. Ahhhhh *sniff*.)

The Very Secret Diary of Rogue
With all apologies to Cassandra Claire.

By a Name
Rogue thinks about the people in her life, and her mind. Also contains X/M and Rogue/Bobby/John discussion.

Four Out of Five
Drabble for the X-Men100.

Playing Games with the Girls
A series of drabbles for the X-Men100, each using a certain line.

Living on the Edge
Another one for the 100, songfic challenge and Aerosmith marathon-inspired.

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