When I first watched Daredevil, I loved both Matt and Karen, but initially I did not love them together. But eventually the story got to me, the tragedy of two people who would be perfect for each other if they would just be honest with one another, and the third season did things right there. I'm really sorry we'll never get the payoff.

Sworn Off
Written for a Karedevil week prompt: Character A has given up on love, then meets Character B, and thinks, "“Annnd this is the asshole who will ruin everything.”

Thickening the Air I'm Breathing
Two hours ago she believed him to be dead. Adult.

Keep Going
Written for another Karedevil week prompt: The super long kiss that wasn’t intended.

Ant-Woman, Daredevil, and the Wasp
Okay, so the third Karedevil week prompt was a declaration of love getting interrupted and it was AU Day...

From Black Dust
Post-season 3 fic written for the Karedevil secret santa exchange.

And If You Don't Give Up, and Don't Give In
Back home after her father's funeral. Mild adult content.

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