100 short(ish) AU ficlets centered on Padmé Amidala, written for the AU100, grouped into several different series.

Till it Bleeds Daylight

49.Queen:Her Youngest Pilot
63.Summer:A Queen's Work
1.Beginnings:The Queen's Repose(adult content)
93. Thanksgiving:Harvest Day
18.Green:Sleeping Hours
97.Writer's Choice:Don't Argue With Her
98.Writer's Choice:The Console
38.Touch:The Opera(adult content)
64. Fall:Counsel
70.Storm:New Dangers
45.Moon:In a Tamed Jungle
29.Birth:Two Mothers
69.Thunder:Outside the Storm Rages(adult content)
78.Disease:Taking the Opportunity
96.Writer's Choice:Closed in the Dark
87.Life:After the Infamous Day
73.Light:The Remains
44.Circle:A Courtship Story
5.Last:Final System
Padmé's life with a slighty emotionally healthier Anakin, after he ended up staying on Naboo after TPM.

Staring Down the Sun

58.Dinner:Five Years
2.Middles:Eight Years
83.Lost:Nine Years
76.Rebirth:Ten Years(mild adult content)
77.Paralysis:Fourteen Years
10.Years:Twenty-Five Years
Anakin stays put in the Temple in ROTS, but things are not resolved so easily with Palpatine, and his relationship with Padmé is breached.


91.Birthday:Eleventh Nameday
16.Purple:With Her Master's Blade
90.It:A Riverbank on Riast
4.First:Shot of Hormones
89.She:The Part to Be Played
3.Ends:No Longer Mastered
31.Sunrise:The Lover
33.Too Much:Overwhelming
Moments from the life of the Padme from Growing Up in the Jedi Temple.

Passion Play

25.Strangers:Act I
6.Hours:Act II(mild adult content)
72.Fixed:Act III
46.King:Act IV
30.Death:Act V
Vader as one of many dark envoys, and Padme as an actress who catches his eye.
Passion Play DVD Commentary
Act I
Act II
Act IV
Act V


92.Christmas:Train to Scotland
56.Breakfast:Never Settled
50.Joker:Hospital TV
7.Days:Lame-Duck Session
An earth-native version of Padmé, trying to survive the House of Representatives during the Bush era.

The Family Woman

61.Winter:Chill Headaches
8.Weeks:The Second Meeting
59.Food:Unpacking Bags
99.Writer's Choice:The Family Woman
Padmé as an ordinary citizen of Naboo.

Lady Skywalker

13.White:In Front of the Mirror
42.Triangle:Breaking Propriety
9.Months:How Does It End?
Moments from the life of Padmé in a galaxy ruled by nobles.

Knowing the Dark

22.Enemies:Knowing the Dark
86.Choices:One Senator to Another
28.Children:Scarcely a Minute
23.Lovers:With Four Present(adult content)
55.Spirit:A Ghost's Advice
12.Grey:Two Lost Souls
21.Friends:The Gang's All Here
85.Missing:That Night
43.Square:Limited Space
68.Lightening:The Confrontation
41.Ascent:The Amulet
80.Healing:Letting the Dead Rest
After ROTS, Padmé survives instead of Anakin.

Shadows on Coruscant

27.Parents:The Handmaidens Discuss
54.Air:Padme Gets a Lift
14.Black:Her Hood Up, Her Hood Down
32.Sunset:Past the Points
75.Shattered:Dusted Down
37.Sound:Word, Word, Word
60.Drink:Crisis Unresolved
34.Not Enough:The Guest's Visitor
51.Water:Life of the Human
Padmé as a handmaiden in a universe where Naboo remained occupied by the Trade Federation.

The Hundred

48.Diamond:The Unlikely Pair
53.Earth:Somewhere on Dagobah
17.Brown:Rock Moon
81.BlindAs Told
57.Lunch:A Little Fete
In a universe where the Jedi Order was permanently obliterated, Padmé and Anakin together are inducted into the group that performs its duties.

Orders Spilt

71.Broken:Last Speech
24.Family:A Distant Cousin
84.Found:Come When Needed
26.Teammates:The Hologram
95.New Year:Home Stretch
More Jedi follow Dooku out of the Order, and more systems, Naboo included, follow the Separatists out of the Republic.

Miscelleaneous Universes

35.Sixth Sense:With Her Daemon
36.Smell:The Passsmell
40.Sight:Wrong Door(adult content)
66.Rain:Encounter in the TUBA Store
82.Deaf:Whiny Chosen Ones
94.Solstice:Weather or Not
100.Writer's Choice:Senator Amidala's Destiny

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