Okay, so they spout bad dialogue. The sheer power of their story still makes them a fascinating pairing.

Growing Up in the Jedi Temple
Part 1: Youngling and Oldling
Part 2: From Snow to Sulfur
Part 3: Recovery and Reassembling
Part 4: When Things to Start to Change
Part 5: The Extra Lessons
Part 6: Visits From Masters
Part 7: Say Goodbye
Part 8: The First Tale of Master Nu
Part 9: Much Beyond
Part 10: Initiate No Longer
An AU version of Anakin and Padm�'s younger years, in a galaxy where the Jedi are in much more open danger.

All Five
Part 1: The Lantern
Part 2: Old Enough
Part 3: Among the Innocent
Part 4: The First Plan
Part 5: Down to Three
Part 6: Ill-Fated Attempts
Part 7: Another Friend
Part 8: Transmission Residue
Part 9: Colorpa
Part 10: Myzine
Part 11: Ruuger's City
Part 12: Answers Before Questions
Part 13: Run From To
Part 14: The Man Responsible for it All
Part 15: Work Back Home
Part 16: An Odd Request
Sequel to "Growing Up in the Jedi Temple." By the time Anakin turns thirteen, the Council has grown desperate enough to take out Darth Maul that they are willing to use his chosen targets as bait.

The Wind
Set during AOTC. If Master Kenobi knew he was doing this, his being grumpy would be the least of it...

Having Given In
Navigating the wedding night. Adult content(obviously!).

Drabble for the pt100 politics challenge, concerning Padm� and Palpatine.

A missing scene following Anakin's fall, dealing with those who loved him most.

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