Nugget's Surprising Friends
A little epilogue to A Familiar Problem: Sprinkle's Incredible Adventure, taking place during episode 97.

Within a Waltz
Widojest ficlet written right after episode 97 aired: Caleb and Jester back at the party.

Fifteen Flares Inside Those Ocean Eyes
Widojest. After finding out Caleb's secrets, Jester isn't sure what to do. Adult.

Like the Waters You Live Upon
Written right after campaign 2, episode 112 aired: Fjord facing his new reality.

Tonight it All Lays Still
Shadowgast, written between episode 117 & 118: a night together in the tower. Adult.

Shadowgast ficlet written right after episode 138 aired: this might be the last time they have.

Widojest smut, involving a quirk of dirty Zemnian.

Excerpt from The Mighty Nein
Opening passage from a book published in the 15th century PD.

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