Like many Star Trek shippers, I believed Jadzia and Julian were meant to be, and Worf/Jadzia was one of the dumbest ideas ever. Now she's dead and he's dating Dax's next host(another thing I'm not pleased with, BTW). I guess it's off to denial with me.

Co-written with Agent C. DS9/Hellraiser crossover, post-WYLB. When Jadzia and Jake burst in on Julian and Ezri, things get out of hand.

Kicking the Bucket
Drabble. Jadzia bursts into Infirmy and asks Julian to hide her...

Mid-Wandering Eve
Jadzia, Julian, and a hot summer night.

A fractured fairy-tale. Need I say more?

The Klingon's Mate
Part 1: Starbase 502
Part 2: Nerys' Threat
Part 3: Julian's Secret
A retelling of Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House for the 24th century.

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