A Dying Woman
Depressing Farscape story.

Clue:A Mystery
Clue books filk, to the tune of "Building a Mystery" by Sarah MacLaughlin.

The Preacher's Story
Li'l Abner musical-based fanfic, focusing on Marryin' Sam.

Also Shattered
Digimon, an angsty Takari.

Angels in Agony
Charlie's Angels slash-Alex sees what's going on between Dylan and Natalie, even when they don't.

Spider-Man drabble, after the end of the second movie.

Lucifer's Girl
Femmeslash for Elizabeth Gaskell's Wives and Daughters: the confessions of a beautiful but troubled step-sister.

Ruthlessness, Yet Honour
Pirates of the Caribbean post "Dead Man's Chest," with Elizabeth and Tia Dalma.

The Star's Daughter and the King
Chronicles of Narnia, written for 1Sentence: 50 sentences for Caspian and the star's daughter's marriage.

Elfquest. The Recognition and lifemating of Newstar.

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