Gazing Up
Perc'ahlia fic written for the Merry Month of Masturbation. Adult.

When Everything's Made to Be Broken
Come Upon the Brink
And All I Can Taste is This Moment (Adult)
Yeah, You Bleed Just to Know You're Alive(Adult)
Old Home, New Home
The Dark Gem of Byroden
Something a Little Different(Adult)
Series of Vaxleth ficlets, covering important nights in their story.

The Darkness Shall Not Touch Tonight
Written right after campaign 3, episode 33 aired: after getting the news, Keyleth seeks refuge in Whitestone. Adult.

The Paladin Forgotten
Written after the second episode of Exandria Unlimited: Calamity aired: whom Percy meets when he dies.

Objects on Loan
The Vestiges of Divergence in Whitestone's museum, centuries later.

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