When the Smoke Clears
Gazing Up (Adult)
On Costs and Cruelties
That Morning (Mild Adult)
Perc'ahlia series, focusing on moments in their story.

When Everything's Made to Be Broken
Come Upon the Brink
And All I Can Taste is This Moment (Adult)
Yeah, You Bleed Just to Know You're Alive(Adult)
Old Home, New Home
The Dark Gem of Byroden
Something a Little Different(Adult)
Although We Lie Close Together
Hold Me in the Darkness
The Tempest in Winter
Series of Vaxleth ficlets, covering important nights in their story.

Vex, and a couple articles of Percy's clothing.

Extra Practice
Perc'ahlia, practicing with each other's weapons.

On the Matter of Mates
Vex, Trinket, and the mates they took.

Just a Little Evening
Two week's after Gwendolyn's birth. Adult.

The Darkness Shall Not Touch Tonight
Written right after campaign 3, episode 33 aired: after getting the news, Keyleth seeks refuge in Whitestone. Adult.

I'll Leave You a Phantom
Keyleth piece written right after watching episode 51 of Bells Hells. Warning for suicide.

The Paladin Forgotten
Written after the second episode of Exandria Unlimited: Calamity aired: whom Percy meets when he dies.

Words, Images, and Other Memories: Vox Machina
Family Portraits
Objects on Loan
How Vox Machina and their legacy are remembered, much, much later.

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